Cornerstone Global Associates Limited is a London-based consulting firm designed for the complexities and challenges of the 21st Century. Founded by Ghanem Nuseibeh and Jordan MacLeod, we provide our clients with cutting-edge, cost-effective and pro-active solutions to problems of all sizes in the fields across various divisions including project management, risk and due diligence, strategic advisory and new economics.

Our clients include various governments around the world, multi-national organisations, banks and financial institutions, non-profit organisations, universities and private sector clients.

Regardless of the size or scope of your needs, we work from an understanding that everything is connected to everything else. This means that we engage with the whole of your organization to ensure that everything we do is true to your values, vision and expectations.

Our Approach

We believe that any consulting company wanting to help others succeed in this global business environment had better be designed to thrive under these same complex conditions. That is why our firm was created to shun excesses and bureaucracy in favor of decentralization and a light footprint, by tapping collaboration to exploit synergies.

Working with our full-time team of experts in their respective fields, we partner with exceptionally talented and skilled associates from around the world to respond quickly and precisely to your emerging needs. Our team includes professionals from various backgrounds, including private sector, public sector, media and non-profit sector.

We believe that satisfied customers transcend all other marketing channels. That is why we invest heavily in establishing trusting, long-term relationships with our clients. Their success is ours.

Our holistic approach helps our clients build resilient and dynamic cultures willing to face their deepest organizational challenges. This enhanced organizational intelligence leads to smarter engineering, strategy, investment and sustainable processes. It leads to compelling branding and authentic, highly effective messaging. It inspires a willingness to look at crisis management and integrate cutting-edge monitoring technologies into the fabric of your organization.

If this new millennium has taught us anything, it's that we can be certain about the persistence of fluid change and uncertainty. We are passionate about helping companies face and then master the consequent challenges head on.