Cornerstone is regularly quoted in global media commenting about ongoing projects or issues covered by Cornerstone. Media appearances include on the BBC, Bloomberg, France 24, The Daily Telegraph, Reuters, The Daily Mail, The National, Sky News Arabia, The Times, Wall Street Journal, TRT World amongst others.

Is Qatar lying about its COVID-19 outbreak to avoid jeopardizing its hosting of the World Cup?

Monday 5th October 2020

Fox News exclusively covers Cornerstone's latest risk report on Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 Link to Fox News report here

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British MP seeks crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood, Hezbollah, Real IRA

Saturday 26th September 2020

Cornerstone's Founder quoted in Israeli daily The Jerusalem Post on risk to UK of Islamist movements Link to article here

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Donald Trump's Mideast Peace Deals Present the Nobel Committee with a Benjamin Netanyahu Dilemma

Friday 18th September 2020

Cornerstone's Founder Ghanem Nuseibeh quoted in the cover story of American weekly Newsweek Link to Newsweek article

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Gulf investors already working on Israeli deals

Friday 4th September 2020

Cornerstone Global Associates' founder quoted on business opportunities in the aftermath of the UAE Israel peace treaty Ynet article on 4 Sept 2020

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Report by Spanish daily El Mundo on Gulf pharmaceutical investments

Sunday 30th August 2020

Cornerstone is quoted in report by leading Spanish daily El Mundo on Gulf investments in the pharmaceutical industry

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Sky News Arabia live interview with Cornerstone's Founder

Wednesday 26th August 2020

Link to interview of Ghanem Nuseibeh on Sky News Arabia

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Cornerstone Global quoted in Spanish daily on Saudi Arabia

Tuesday 30th June 2020

Link to article in El Mundo quoting Ghanem Nuseibeh, founder of Cornerstone

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UK's futuristic presence at Dubai World Expo could creat one million post-Covid jobs, report claims

Thursday 25th June 2020

Cornerstone Global Associates latest report on the Dubai Expo and prospects for UK jobs covered in The Daily Mail Link to Daily Mail article

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Arabs boycott Facebook after Muslim Brotherhood sympathizer Tawakkol Karman joins content board

Tuesday 12th May 2020

Cornerstone's Founder Ghanem Nuseibeh quoted in leading Saudi Arabian daily Arab News on risk of Facebook's "Oversight Board"

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UAE fights COVID-19 while the rest of the Middle East drags its feet

Saturday 14th March 2020

Cornerstone's Founder Ghanem Nuseibeh quoted in leading Singaporean channel Channel News Asia on Coronavirus response in the Middle East

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Saudi Arabia bans foreign pilgrims as Japan plans to close schools

Friday 28th February 2020

Cornerstone's Founder Ghanem Nuseibeh quoted in The Guardian on the Saudi Arabian ban of foreign pilgrims in response to Covid-19

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BBC radio interview with Ghanem Nuseibeh on Gulf politics and football

Wednesday 6th February 2019

Radio interview on BBC WM with Founder of Cornerstone Global Associates discussing Gulf politics and Qatar FIFA World Cup 2022 challenges

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Cornerstone's Founder letter to the FT published

Monday 4th February 2019

Ghanem Nuseibeh writes letter to FT explaining significance of definitions used in ongoing Gulf crisis

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Qatar lobbyists ‘paid $4m by mysterious PR firm’

Thursday 10th January 2019

Ghanem Nuseibeh, Cornerstone's founder, quoted in Arab News.

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Northern Ireland 'can reap economic windfall' if 2022 World Cup is moved from Qatar

Thursday 3rd January 2019

Cornerstone's report on Economic impact of holding FIFA World Cup 2022 in England reported in Irish Times

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U.S. Envoy Meets High-Ranking Taliban Officials in Push for Peace

Monday 17th December 2018

Wall Street Journal report on Taliban talks quotes Founder of Cornerstone Global Associates

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As the Gulf Warms Up to Israel, a Synagogue Grows in Dubai

Tuesday 4th December 2018

Bloomberg report on synagogue in Dubai quotes Cornerstone's founder

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BBC World Service interview on Saudi Western relations and "Davos in the Desert"

Monday 22nd October 2018

BBC World Service interviews Ghanem Nuseibeh on the economic implications of the Khashoggi crisis and Saudi Western relations

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Jamal Khashoggi’s Death Fuels a Middle East Information War

Monday 22nd October 2018

Ghanem Nuseibeh, Founder, quoted in Wall Street Journal article about the Khashoggi crisis and the media war. Article may require payment

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Turkey to Be Transformed as Erdogan Sworn in With Vastly Expanded Powers

Tuesday 10th July 2018

Cornerstone's Ghanem Nuseibeh speaks to Bloomberg about political risk facing Turkey

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Turkey Purges Over 18,600 Civil Servants in 11th-Hour Decree

Sunday 8th July 2018

Report by Bloomberg quotes Cornerstone's Ghanem Nuseibeh

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Can Qatar Withstand A Second Year Of Crisis?

Tuesday 5th June 2018

Report by the Jerusalem Post on the Qatar crisis quoting Cornerstone Global Associates

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Palestinians look to Arab governments for support

Saturday 2nd June 2018

Los Angeles Times quotes Cornerstone's Founder. Note that article may not be seen in several European countries due to data protection

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BBC News interview with Ghanem Nuseibeh

Wednesday 18th April 2018

Live interview on BBC News with Ghanem Nuseibeh on the reforms taking place in Saudi Arabia and what they mean for the Saudi economy and opportunities for British business. Recording of interview

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Al Jazeera under fire for Houthi bias after KSA missile attack

Tuesday 27th March 2018
Arab Times article

JEDDAH: The Qatari news network Al Jazeera has prompted a Twitter storm over its coverage of a ballistic missile attack targeting civilians in Saudi Arabia that was launched by Houthi militias in Yemen. More in external link Arab Times

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More Mid-East turmoil possible asTrump decides on Iran nuclear deal Friday

Wednesday 10th January 2018

""It will worsen the [trans-Atlantic] relationship and it will complicate it even further," says Ghanem Nuseibeh, director of Cornerstone Global Associates"" More in external site RFI English

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President Trump has a chance to bring peace to the Middle East

Sunday 10th December 2017
Op-Ed by Cornerstone's Founder in the FT

"The world yearns for a Jerusalem open to Jews, Christians and Muslims of all nationalities and ethnicities. Mr Trump can turn the city into a global nightmare, or be the saviour not only of Jerusalem, but of so many lives. I pray that the city's history inspires the US president to be a true force for good in the region. The ball of Middle Eastern peace is in Mr Trump's court. The longer he takes to act, the more difficult it will be for him to go down in history as a peacemaker." Financial Times article

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Houthis Under Pressure in Yemen as U.A.E. Denies Missile Claims

Monday 4th December 2017

The claim of a missile attack reflects the "desperate political position" the Houthis face both politically and militarily, according to Ghanem Nuseibeh, London-based founder of Cornerstone Global Associates. Bloomberg

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Qatar 2022 World Cup: Row developing over 'risk report' claims

Sunday 8th October 2017

A row has developed over a 'risk report' that claims there is "an increasing political risk that Qatar may not host the World Cup in 2022". The study, by management consultants Cornerstone Global, assesses the impact of the current diplomatic crisis between the tiny, gas-rich emirate and its neighbours. BBC report

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